Our Story

DeviceAssure, a DeviceAtlas Ltd product, was launched in 2019 to address industry challenges around fraudulent devices and duplicate IMEIs.

DeviceAssure builds on the technology of the DeviceAtlas solution, which is used by major brands, MNOs and technology companies to better engage with audiences no matter what the device, content, or context.

Over 75,000 highly detailed device profiles are available, with new devices added on a daily basis.

DeviceAtlas Ltd has deep expertise in the mobile industry, focusing on providing real-time device intelligence across mobile network, web and app ecosystems.

Partnerships and Affiliations

We partner with leading industry bodies in the the wireless and mobile landscape.

The DeviceAtlas portfolio
of web and mobile products.

We provide a range of award-winning products to ensure content works in today's dynamic web environment including;

The world's authoritative source of device data and the device intelligence solution of choice for market leaders including Verizon Media, Xandr, IBM, Adobe, Nielsen and Netflix.

DeviceAtlas partners with the GSMA to provide the authoritative device capabilities database for mobile network operators and service providers in the operators space, called Device Map.

In addition to our core device intelligence products we also offer the following supporting services.

A resource site for the mobile developer community site including know-how, mobile related news and analysis.
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A testing tool to evaluate your site’s mobile readiness using industry best practices and standards. mobiReady provides free analysis and a report to determine how well your site performs on mobile devices.
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Our History

DeviceAssure is DeviceAtlas Ltd’s latest mobile and web solution.

DeviceAtlas was initially established, as part of the dotMobi group, in 2005 to drive uptake of web usage on mobile devices. Founding members included major internet and technology players such as Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone, T-Mobile, GSMA, and Visa.

Challenged with enhancing inclusivity and accessibility of the web on mobile devices, a core mission of DeviceAtlas is to provide an enterprise-grade solution in a sea of open source and homegrown device intelligence solutions.

The DeviceAtlas solution was officially launched in 2008 to meet the needs of web developers creating content for a wide range of mobile devices.

Through a combination of many factors including award winning patented technology, high performing solutions and customer focus, DeviceAtlas has become the world's authoritative source of device data and the device intelligence solution of choice for market leaders.

Our device intelligence expertise meant that we were uniquely positioned to close security gaps from fraudulent devices. This culminated in the establishment of DeviceAssure in 2019.

Today, DeviceAssure is a multi-award-winning solution that protects brands, networks, and consumers from the threat posed by fraudulent / misrepresented devices and user agents.

DeviceAssure provides real-time verification of devices accessing your content and services.

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