Taiwan Police Break Up Chinese-Linked Criminal Ring Selling Fake Apple, Samsung Smartphones

In February, police in Taiwan broke up a criminal counterfeit ring with ties to China that specialized in the sale of fake Apple and Samsung devices.

In total, almost 3,900 items were seized. These ranged from smartphones to accessories such as headphones and chargers. The total value, had the items been genuine, was an estimated 10 million New Taiwan Dollars, around $325,000 USD.

The store targeted was selling the smartphones for the equivalent of $65-$162, a tempting price for consumers who may not consider a flagship device at regular retail cost. The police discovered that “the phones easily malfunctioned upon purchase”.

Digging into 135 fake iPhones and 44 Samsung devices, the police said they contained mostly fake components, although a fake iPhone 6 used a genuine A6 chip, found in genuine iPhone 5s.

A 22 year old Chinese man claimed he was hired by the counterfeiting ring to manage the operation in Taiwan, as well as being involved in the online sales side. According to seized documents, the single store generated sales from fake devices of over $60,000 in May 2018 alone.

The profit potential in counterfeiting smartphones remains huge. As we saw when we sourced a fake iPhone 7 for $100, most consumers would struggle to spot the difference initially. This brings huge risks, not only to the consumer, but to any network the device touches – including your business network should a “bring your own device” policy be in place.

DeviceAssure helps reduce this risks by monitoring devices connecting to your network in real-time. Checking properties against a database of known, accurate properties allows you to highlight a non-standard device and remove the threat.

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