Counterfeit and non-standard devices present a high-risk attack vector either through injecting malware into the organisation’s network or via back doors in the device itself. These risks can be addressed by adding a real-time check for device authenticity to your existing security protocols. DeviceAssure offers a transparent way to validate the authenticity of devices used on enterprise networks and services to mitigate security risks from rogue devices. With the advent of BYOD (Bring your own device), the challenge for security and IT personnel as well as Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) organizations, is to ensure that devices used by employees are secure and pose no risk to the enterprise security.

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Protecting your customers data is paramount for every brand offering digital services. Financial services company such as banks, eCommerce companies and other online service providers , have a responsibility to ensure customers data is never compromised. With counterfeit devices, keyloggers, trojans horses and other exploits are a real possibility. Why risk allowing your app or service run on a non-authentic device? DeviceAssure gives financial services organizations and online brands a seamless way to ensure that they maintain the integrity of their services by identifying any non-standard devices attempting to gain access to systems, and allowing them to take appropriate steps to contain the threat.

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Counterfeiters target well known brands—data shows significant amounts of fake Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo and Huawei devices are in use. Counterfeit devices create a negative brand image for device manufacturers as well as providing a poor experience and driving up warranty costs. DeviceAssure helps device manufacturers and OEMs to understand the scale of counterfeiting, affected markets, and the potential impact on their brands. Data from DeviceAssure can help educate consumers and distribution channels, and enable regulators and operators to withhold service from fraudulent devices.

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Counterfeit devices pose a range of concerns for Regulators and Governments:
  • Tax & Excise revenue loss due to importation of counterfeit devices
  • Public health and safety
  • Protection of IP within their territories
DeviceAssure can help governments and regulators to address these problems by providing a simple means to assess the level of counterfeit devices in use within their jurisdiction. By working with Mobile Operators and/or other services providers, DeviceAssure can be leveraged to:
  • Measure the scale of the problem in their territory
  • Track the nature of devices/ brands being counterfeited
  • Determine the source of counterfeit devices
  • Measure potential cost to exchequer from customs and excise losses

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Millions of mobile devices are sold every day via a huge range of online shopping platforms without any way to assure the validity of the devices for sale. This opens up many potential legal and consumer protection issues, ranging from handling of illegal counterfeit goods, to litigation risk if a counterfeit device has a negative impact on a customer. DeviceAssure provides a quick and easy way to assure the validity of devices for re-sale in secondary device markets. It could also be used by end users of such platforms to verify that the goods they are purchasing are genuine.

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The effect of counterfeiting on smartphone sales is estimated at 184 million units, valued at €45.3 billion or 12.9% of total sales

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Threats to the Government’s use of mobile devices are real and exist across all elements of the mobile ecosystem

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The phone is loaded with back doors and malicious apps.

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One in five mobile phones shipped abroad is fake

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