Ghana joins the fight against counterfeit smartphones

The Ghanaian Government has asked its National Communications Authority to work with mobile network operators and other state agencies to investigate the risks associated with the influx of counterfeit smartphones.

The Deputy Minister of Communications announced the operation in Accra at the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, highlighting the health and security risks such devices can pose to consumers.

“The Deputy Minister noted that those fake devices contained high radiation emission and affects the quality of communication services while some unscrupulous people used them to perpetuate crime.”

He also lauded the NCA for their Tariff Approval Lab, which is where electronic equipment is tested and verified.

In a country where an alleged 60% of all imported phones failed to pay the requisite duty, the problem of counterfeits is increasing. One solution is to only allow devices which have fully paid all taxes owed to connect to the national mobile networks.

Bridging the Standardization Gap

The WTSD event was enjoying its 50th anniversary. Each year, telecommunications stakeholders meet with national authorities to discuss all things telecom-related. Unsurprisingly, the focus has now turned to counterfeits, as the surge in availability and distribution channels affects countries the world over.

For Governments and Regulators, protecting citizens against the health and security risks such devices introduce is vital. There’s also billions in excise tax and Intellectual Property protection at stake, making accurate and reliable counterfeit device detection an integral part of any authorities’ defences.

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