Product Overview

DeviceAssure is an embeddable library for native apps and SDKs and a JavaScript web library that examines unique device identifiers & characteristics (hardware profile, CPU, GPU, screen capabilities, UA string and TAC), and compares them against known good configurations stored in our device database. This allows for a highly accurate determination of a device's authenticity. No PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is captured or used.

Device Classification

Once a device has been validated and classified via an app or web service containing the library, it can be handled appropriately. The results of the device validation can be presented directly to the user of the app, web service or to the back end where policies can be implemented for handling suspect devices.

The database contains highly detailed data on over 65,000 device models based on data from DeviceAtlas, the industry standard source of detailed device data for mobile and other categories of connected devices.

Native App Library

Our lightweight library can be embedded in any native app or SDK to enable device verification. Suspect devices can be reported to the user of the app or to another system for determination of policy.

Web Library

Our Javascript library can be embedded in any website to enable instant verification of devices accessing the site. The web library performs a 'first pass' for suspect devices.


DeviceAssure is built on high availability, globally distributed end-points using multiple infrastructure providers. This ensures optimum speed and reliability of device validations.